Asian heart shaped custard bun/ brioche asiatique sous forme de coeur

Salam/ Hi everybody,

Today’s post  has nothing to do do with Algeria as  I would like to speak about Asian buns. .

Usually, there are two types of buns, the steamed ones, called paus in Malaysia and the baked ones , often seen in modern bakeries.

Sweet and savory buns are popular across Asia and are usually eaten as a snack throughout the day. there are sweet types filled with custard or red bean paste and savory ones with multiple components such as sardines, curry, chicken floss etc…..

The dough sometimes includes rice flour or made with a tang zhong ( clic ) base , a secret component that gives fluffiness and softness to asian buns.

Asians loveeeeee to play with the form of their buns , they are usually shaped into animals, flowers , human faces etc……

the followings are photos I took in a Japanese bakery in KL :

Today I will show you how to make  a heart shaped brioche I often see in local bakeries, . I tried them , a while ago with a blueberry custard filling  but I think a savoury version, like tuna, olive , cheese….. would be more delicious.

you can make them with your favourite bun or bread recipe and fill them with whatever you like. they are excellent for a snack,a  picnic  or a valentine breakfast .  I think the pictures speak forthemselves and don’t need any explanation. Enjoy!