Entertaining…..another hobby of mine

Receiving friends and family around a big plate of couscous or a ramadanese table filled with mouth-watering delicacies are part and parcel of my childhood memories.

The scent of orange blossom water and honey, or the charcoal-grilled pepper mixed with the flavors of the chorba fill me with nostalgia…

Fate has taken me from my beautiful  Mediterranean city to the shores of  south east Asia where I came to know beautiful and kind-hearted people with whom I have always the pleasure to share a bit of my Algeria through my cooking and entertaining…….

These are some of the dishes I  like to share with my guests, they usually include chorba frik, various types of boureks, Algerian salads, tajine ezitoun, chti’tha..and big plates of honey-soaked Algerian deserts…

The photos are taken from my french speaking blog ( clic )